No purchase costs

Pay Per Use (PPU)

Option 1: Pay Per Use (PPU)

  • €4,12/ $4,11 per hour (VAT excluded) Tracked per minute
  • An unlimited number of people can use the same account balance at the same time.
  • XFEM4U, XBeam2D, XFrame2D and XConstruct are included
  • With a maximum of € 1840/ $ 1799 in total for all programs per computer(CPUId) per year
  • Analysis credit can be purchased within the program with IDEAL, PayPal, credit card and other payment systems

Option 2, 3: Year License

  • (2)Single User License € 1329/$ 1298 excl. VAT per user per year (max 2 workstations)
  • (3)Network License € 1840/ $ 1799excl. VAT per simultaneous user per year (unlimited number of workstations)
  • One year of unlimited use
  • 1 licence can be used on a workstation but not simultaneously
  • XFEM4U, XBeam2D, XFrame2D and XConstruct are included
  • Annual subscription
  • A Single User License/Network License can be purchased within the program with IDEAL, PayPal, credit card and other payment systems
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Unique in the market!

Pay Per Use(PPU)

All our programs can be used immediately without the need to purchase a license and the associated maintenance costs. You only pay for use.
How does it work? You buy analysis credit of, for example, €/$ 250 and you can use all programs. The programs have the same hourly rate (see above). We keep track of this per minute. Also, your annual costs are capped. You can use the same calculator credit with several constructors at the same time. That gives flexibility.


Solutions for any kind of business!

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

1) Pay Per Use

Very suitable solution for small businesses and self employed engineers who may or may not use the calculation software continuously and want flexibility and freedom! There are numerous types of customers in this category.

  • For example, self-employed structural engineer who uses the software 6 hours per week. 6 hours x 47 weeks x $ 4.11 = $ 1159,02 excl. VAT per year.
  • A self-employed structural engineer who uses the software 20 hours per week. He pays a maximum of € 1840/ $ 1799excl. VAT per year.
  • Supervisor who checks calculations several times a month by re-entering them.
  • Structural engineers and architects who do not work with calculation software full-time.

2) Single User License

The Single User License is an excellent solution for SMEs where several structural engineers work with Struct4U software all week. You can purchase one license per structural engineers.


Medium and large enterprises

3) Network License

This solution is particularly suitable for medium and large enterprises where not all employees use the Struct4U software. But where it must be possible to use the software on all workstations.

  • You buy the number of licenses you maximum use at the same time.
  • For example, 5 licenses. These are called floating licenses.
  • It is possible that the Struct4U software is installed on 15 workstations. In this example, you can use it on a maximum of 5 workstations simultaneously.
  • You receive an invoice per year. This can be paid by the financial administration.

Very short learning curve!

Please try for free!

You can install the software and use it for 1 hour. After registration and confirmation of your email address you will receive €/$ 100 euro analysis credit! You can now use the software for about 25 hours! After that you can easily purchase credit!

Student license

Request a free student license as a student of a university or technical college! Click here for more information.