Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for support? And for new updates?

No, this is included in the price. For frequently asked technical questions, please refer to our forum and knowledge center New updates are included in the price. You will receive a notification as soon as a new update is available.

Are there more new software modules coming?

Of course! New modules are regularly developed within XConstruct. Currently, there are particularly many developments within XFEM4U. New features are added to the software every quarter.

Where is Struct4U’s software developed?

All the software we offer you is developed entirely in the Netherlands by our team of experienced Dutch software engineers, collaborating with several scientists. We have 100% control over our software.

How future-proof is Struct4U?

Very future-proof. Our team and shareholders consist of experienced and young people, so that knowledge and experience are transferred to the new generation.

What are the system requirements?

There are no specific system requirements. Current and upcoming program run on all Windows platforms: XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8 and Windows 10. A graphics card with OpenGL support is recommended for XFEM4U.

Pay Per Use (PPU)

How can you top up math credit?

If your account balance becomes too low, you will receive an automatic notification. When you pay online, your account balance is immediately topped up. You will receive your invoice via e-mail. Please see our knowledge center for instructions on how to increase your account balance.

How can I upgrade my analysis credit?

If your analysis credit becomes too low, you will be notified automatically. When you pay online, your account balance is immediately topped up. You will receive your invoice via e-mail. See our knowledge center for a manual on how to increase your account balance.

What happens if I don’t close the software but use other programs in the meantime?

If the software is not used for more than 1 hour, the calculation credit will not be debited. You only pay for actual use.

How is the usage time calculated?

You pay by the minute - that is, in real time. The debiting of the account balance takes place at the beginning of each hour. When the application is closed, the remaining unused minutes are tracked. These remaining minutes are deducted the next time the program is started. So you pay per minute that you use the application.


Software from competitors costs more than 4000 euro per year. Why is this lower at Struct4U?

By mainly working efficiently and using modern programming techniques (C# .NET). Our overhead costs are low. We are happy to give this advantage to you.

How will price increases be handled?

The cost of the software is increased annually by the European inflation level.

Are all modules paid from a bundle?

All our programs and future developments use the same analysis credit. It is possible to create multiple users, each with a separate calculation credit.

Do I have to pay for support? And for new versions?

You are always entitled to free support and assistance. New updates are included in the price and you can use them immediately. The program automatically notifies you when there is a new update.
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