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Don't pay for separate modules
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All together in control.

At Struct4U it is all about you as structural engineer. We want our customers to enjoy using our applications.

We don’t want to exclude anyone. Whether you are an independent structural engineer or a large engineering firm, contractor or steel supplier. Struct4U is there for all of you.

That’s why our software is attractive and clearly priced. By working closely with scientists, we have a source of knowledge. Pragmatic as we are, the latest insights from science are implemented.

The underlying calculations are fully transparent with the (code) formulas entered. Typical example of transparency. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can make optimal use of all available functions.

With an intuitive modern user interface, you will master the software in no time. By using the latest software technology, it also works at lightning speed. That’s just fun, and because of all these high features you are assured of the best calculations and a solid proposal to your client.

Struct4U, all together in control.

Customers all over the world

Struct4U software is used in 72 countries. The Eurocodes of concrete, steel and timber are integrated with the National Annex of Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The American Code of steel is implemented!(ANSI/AISC 360-16)

  • Available in 9 languages with worldwide support
  • Users in 72 countries
  • Quick response to questions/development requests
  • Despite our heady growth, we keep in close contact with all of our customers!
  • Over 1000 users worldwide!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the software.

Do I have to pay for support? And for new updates?

No, this is included in the price. For frequently asked technical questions, please refer to our forum and knowledge center New updates are included in the price. You will receive a notification as soon as a new update is available.

How can you top up math credit?

If your account balance becomes too low, you will receive an automatic notification. When you pay online, your account balance is immediately topped up. You will receive your invoice via e-mail. Please see our knowledge center for instructions on how to increase your account balance.

Are there more new software modules coming?

Of course! New modules are regularly developed within XConstruct. Currently, there are particularly many developments within XFEM4U. New features are added to the software every quarter.

Where is Struct4U’s software developed?

All the software we offer you is developed entirely in the Netherlands by our team of experienced Dutch software engineers, collaborating with several scientists. We have 100% control over our software.

How future-proof is Struct4U?

Very future-proof. Our team and shareholders consist of experienced and young people, so that knowledge and experience are transferred to the new generation.

Satisfied customers. That is our goal.

Google Review

"From the start of Ingenieursbureau Van Wijngaarden in 2018, I have been working with Struct4U software. The calculation software has evolved considerably from this period and is pleasant to work with. The helpdesk is easily accessible, responds quickly and listens carefully to the customer's needs."

ing. J.C. van Wijngaarden

Ingenieursbureau Van Wijngaarden, The Netherlands

"Thanks again for all your help. It is this kind of support combined with excellent, efficient software that makes your company my first choice!"

MSEng, Dr. Richard Lines

Noriker Consulting Engineers, UK

"As a small consulting firm, we were looking for an affordable option for simple and more complex EEM calculations and ended up with Struct4U. Both the fee system (per hour when used) but also the software really appealed to us. Due to the extremely high (intuitive) ease of use during input and the good output capabilities, both for the EEM software and the material toolboxes, all packages score highly with us. With an alert, knowledgeable and responsive support, it is a strong tool for the structural engineer. "

ir. F.D.H. Schleipfenbauer

Ingenieursbureau Middelhuis en Schleipfenbauer, The Netherlands

"A few years ago we looked for a structural calculation software that had very precise characteristics: easy and quick to hang, with a cost related to real use and that was always updated and in development. Our choice fell on Struct4U, and we are highly satisfied with it. It is a very versatile software, with a user friendly interface but at the same time extremely complete and clear in the results."

Eng. Massimiliano Piccioli

Eumeca, Italy

We also definitely see that you guys are doing a good job regarding feedback from users. Indeed, we notice that most things are already added the next update!

STEP Engineering

"As an (independent) small consulting firm, I have been using Struct4U software since 2018. It is very user friendly software, both input and changes a very fine visual display. Experienced the ongoing development of this software in recent years and a lot of custom requests have been incorporated. The intermediate design output works very easily, is clear and you can see fairly quickly what part needs modifications. The final output is very complete and gives full printouts of all formulas. A very good quality-price ratio; I myself have a complete year package and with that you have a comprehensive software package. I can recommend it to everyone. "

Ing. Ruud van der Breggen

Bouwadvies Van der Breggen B.V. , The Netherlands

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