XBeam2D is powerful structural analysis and design software

Beam calculations in steel, concrete and timber

Easy to use

User friendly and modern

By using the wizard you are able to generate your steel, concrete or wooden beam, continuous over several supports fast and easy. XBeam2D calculates your beam in an instant. The program is extremely easy to use, intuitive, modern and very fast.


Powerful engine

XBeam2D has a very powerful mechanics solver that allows you fast geometrically linear and physic non-linear (GL first-order analysis) calculations.

EN modules

All EN modules are integrated

XBeam2D has a fully integrated Eurocode EN 1993 steel design module. Steel design rules according to the latest European standards. You are up-to-date with the latest standards.

There is a Steel Optimization module built in that allows you to quickly and easily create the most optimal steel design. You can save a lot of steel weight with this.


EN 1992 concrete design module

XBeam2D has a fully integrated Eurocode EN 1992-1-1 concrete module which allows you to design and check the reinforcement. You are also able to interactively change all your reinforcement, longitudinal primary and secondary reinforcement, and stirrups as well. Fast and easy. The concrete beams will be checked completely after every input change. The calculation is complete: checks in Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and Service Limit State (SLS). Almost any cross-section shape is available; reinforcement in 2 layers; compression reinforcement; accurate long-term deflection calculation; detailed calculation report.

XBeam2d - EN 1992 ConcreteModule


EN 1995 timber design module

XBeam2D has a fully integrated Eurocode EN 1995 timber design module. Timber test / design rules according to the newest / latest European standards. You are up-to-date with the latest standards.

In the serviceability limit state (BGT) XBeam2D calculates all directly occurring deformations and deformations due to creep. Creep deformations are determined at a quasi-permanent load combination where per beam the long duration and short duration properties are taken into account.


Unique transparent calculation output

All required and used EN formulas and equations are fully displayed and written out, including actual parameters and references to the Eurocode. In our program the calculation with outcome is obvious. XBeam2D creates a fully transparent calculation report. Being an engineer you will be able to check the produced calculation manually and easily. That will give you confidence! Each inspecting authority will accept your calculation without any problem since the report is obvious for all.

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