Modern calculation software for the structural engineer of TODAY

Our mission is for you as a structural engineer to be in control of your software

Problem & solution

Is this recognizable to you as a structural engineer?

  1. Expensive licensing, fixed and high maintenance costs.
  2. Calculations that are not insightful.
  3. Costly separate modules that you don’t always use.
  4. Complicated user interface.
  5. Outdated software.
  6. Requests for new functionality that are not processed.
  7. 3D EEM calculations that take a very long time.

Struct4U provides the solution!

  1. ZERO investment! Low cost!
  2. 100% transparent calculations.
  3. No paying for separate modules.
  4. User-friendly user interface.
  5. Modern software.
  6. New version several times a year with lots of new functionality.
  7. Super fast calculation heart/solver with powerful mesher.


Struct4U Engineering Tools

The vision of the Struct4U team consists of a number of components.

The main part: “Offer modern reliable and user-friendly engineering software at a fair and therefore accessible price.”

We want to be of service to you as a structural engineer and to your skills by:

  • Giving you back control over your calculation software.
  • Providing 100% insight into the structural calculations.
  • Offering a pleasant user interface so you can focus on your craft.
  • Working closely with you and all other users, listening to your wishes and implementing them in our software as soon as possible.
Struct4U - Property

Who we are


Struct4U was founded in 2014 by Rob Baaij. Rob has more than 25 years of experience as a software engineer of structural software. This has allowed him to develop a strong vision of how structural engineering software should be put together. All insights from the past come together in Struct4U Engineering Tools.

Our development team has been assembled very carefully and currently consists of programmers, scientists, structural engineers and a mathematician. This team has developed the software over the past few years and works continuously to make the software even better and add new functionality.

We are a flat organization with short lines to our customers. We are often still working in the evenings. We have no managers without substantive knowledge.

All the software we offer you is and will be developed in the Netherlands by Struct4U itself. That means we are 100% in control. How different is that from all our competitors? It also means that we can quickly respond to your needs.

Are you interested in working for us? We are still looking for programmers with experience in calculation software! Send an email to

Who are our customers?

We are grateful to have users all over the world! It is great to work closely together as structural engineers. You get a feel for each other. We are in contact with several constructors around the world who approach us to implement functionality that is important to their region. Do you also have requirements from a certain country/region? Please contact us!

Customers all over the world

Struct4U software is used in 72 countries. The Eurocodes of concrete, steel and timber are integrated with the National Annex of Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The American Code of steel is implemented!(ANSI/AISC 360-16)

  • Available in 9 languages with worldwide support
  • Users in 72 countries
  • Quick response to questions/development requests
  • Despite our heady growth, we keep in close contact with all of our customers!
  • Over 1000 users worldwide!